Present Perfect

Simply form: Have/has + V-participle.


  1. The action in the past has a result now. Hành động trong quá khứ có kết quả hiện tại. Example: I can’t find my bag. Have you seen it?
  2. We often use the present perfect to give new information or to announce a recent happening. Example: Ow! I’ve cut my finger.

Trạng từ (adverb) dùng trong HTHT, điển hình: just, already, yet.

Ex: Hi. Have you just arrived?

Phân biệt been/gone:

Ex: Jim is away on holiday. He has gone to Spain. (= he is there now or on his way there)

Jane is back home from holiday now. She has been to Italy. (= she has now come back from Italy).


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